Certified Dental Assistant in Orthodontics

Title: Certified Dental Assistant in Orthodontics

Years in orthodontics & dentistry: 10

Serving our clinic since: 2007

Professional Experience

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Living in White Rock is great – getting to live and work in White Rock is wonderful! Ying worked in General Dentistry before moving over to Orthodontics. She loves the challenging aspects that the Orthodontic field presents, especially because every day is different. Her goal is to treat patients genuinely and with care, and to be very attentive to their needs. She loves swapping stories with her patients about travelling, cooking and family. Her daughter has gone through orthodontics so she understands the parent side of the treatment. Plus she speaks Mandarin, making her a great asset to the team!

“Most people believe that Orthodontics and braces are just for children. They are for everyone, of all ages!â€