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Traditional Braces

At White Rock Orthodontic Center, we treat many of our patients with metal or ceramic braces. Traditional braces use a system of brackets and archwires to move teeth into their proper positions.

  • Brackets are small square pieces of stainless steel (silver or gold), clear ceramic or plastic that are cemented to teeth during orthodontic treatment. Each one has a space in the middle, which holds the archwire.
  • Archwires are flexible stainless steel wires that apply the gentle pressure needed to move teeth and jaws.

In the past, archwires were were held to brackets by small rubber elastics (known as ties). Now, self-ligating braces are available: instead of using elastics, each brace has a clasp that holds the wire in place.

We use several different brands of self-ligating braces to treat our patients, including Damon® and In-Ovation®.

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