Whistler Orthodontics - Drs. Sonya & Nagamatsu

Welcome to Whistler Orthodontic Center

Dr. Sonya and staff has proudly served the orthodontic needs of adults and children living in the communities of Whistler and Squamish since 2005.

We offer an assortment of orthodontic solutions to cater to your unique needs, including, traditional metal braces, clear braces, lingual, and Invisalign ® invisible "braces".

To book a complimentary consultation, please phone +1-888-535-3028

The Whistler Orthodontic Team

  • Dr. Dorothy Sonya
  • Maridee Fitch, CDH, with Ortho Module
  • Chloe Davidson, Ortho CDA
  • Jan Myles, Ortho CDA
  • Megan Rankin, Ortho CDA

Emergencies & Orthodontic Concerns

If you have any orthodontic "emergencies" or concerns, please contact

Maridee Fitch, CDH, 604-932-6700